German Currency

For anyone thinking of a trip to Germany, here are some general facts about Germany and the Euro.

When planning your trip to Germany, the first thing you should do is convert your national currency into the Euro. This can be done at your local bank prior to departure or at your arrival airport in Germany at a currency exchange table.

Remember that many airport tables are closed 24/7 so you can only convert currency at these times. You should not be surprised if the currency you have converted is less than your local currency. The Euro has done exceptionally well in recent times.

Your ATM card is another way to get Euros in Germany. An ATM can be found at any bank. While most banks accept foreign ATM card, not all will. Your ATM card will be rejected and you’ll see the “card not found network” prompt. A foreign ATM charge can range from 2 to 4, depending on which card provider you have, per transaction.

Your foreign credit card should not be your only source of income. A lot of businesses in Germany do accept American/British/etc. However, credit cards in Germany are not accepted as often as in the country. VISA can be used in many gas stations but is only accepted in a handful of restaurants.

It’s a smart idea to bring Euro cash when you travel in Germany. Some American based companies/restaurants take U.S. Dollars can be used to buy American Dollars. For example, McDonalds in Germany takes American Dollars.

Germany can be a wonderful vacation destination if you plan carefully and spend your money well. It’s a great choice to plan a trip in Germany. Enjoy a great time . You can find out more here